Created/Copyrighted NWITA 2013 Since 2005, we have this games all over Portland Metro. Many customers like to come back with their friends to play it. We have different Wall-Mount Jukeboxes, Music selection in the MILLIONS of songs, now you can select music from your smartphone, create playlists and play it. Supereasy familiar interface for all the customers. We update music library weekly to reflect what is popular in each bar. Well known Megatouch has come a long way from the past. Now having 100’s of different games for all tastes of customer base. Large screen makes it east to play. BASKETBALL. Another Mechanical Game that is a good fit for a many busy bars and clubs. Creates activity in the Bar. It also been noticed when customers play, they get warm and ask for more drinks. Big Buck Hunter. Been known for years to enterntain bar patrons. Now upgraded and online, players can compete locally and nationally, win tournaments and prizes. Golden Tee Live, Now with HD graphics and Flat screen, Players compete locally with thousands other bars and nationally, win money and prizes. Game is a Good Choice for some locations. We have variety of pinball titles. Electronic Shuffleboard, fun to play, 2 in 1, also has Bowling game