Created/Copyrighted NWITA 2013 Tap TV Trivia System What is Tap TV Trivia Live, connected, and inherently social, Tap TV Trivia represents the future of on-premise entertainment. · It connects to TVs already installed around the venue, allowing all guests to watch and participate in a national trivia competition · Guests play along using their own smartphones and the Tap TV app, meaning there’s no bulky equipment or costly controllers for the venue to put out on display. · Bar and restaurant owners pay a small monthly fee, enabling Tap TV Trivia to be offered as a free-to-play service for patrons. While others amusement products try to compete with smartphones and TV screens, Tap TV turns both into your greatest asset! What People Are Saying 300 restaurant guests in the cities of Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington, DC were polled right after experiencing Tap TV Trivia for the first time. Here’s what they had to say… · 83% said Tap TV made their visit more fun and enjoyable · 94% agreed they were instantly able to understand how it worked · 74% said they were influenced to hang out longer than planned · 53% said they were influenced to order extra food and drinks · 85% planned to recommend the venue, as well Tap TV, to a friend   Player FAQ How many games are there?   Tap TV Trivia currently includes 12 different game categories. Check out our schedule page to see what is playing right now!   What kind of topics do the games cover?   We have something for everyone, trivia ranges from Hollywood gossip, to sports, to video games. Check out what we have to offer here!   How often do games change?   New games start every 20 minutes, but you can jump in and start playing at any time!   Where can I view the schedule?   The game schedule can be found at   Where can players see local and national leaderboards?   Local and national scores can be seen at the end of each game. These scores include the top players in the current venue, local (state) scores, and nationwide scores.   Are there prizes?   Players will soon be able to compete for some exciting prizes, including gift cards, gadgets, and Tap TV merchandise. Continue to check for more information!   Is the game free to play?   Yes, Tap TV Trivia is totally free to play using the free Tap TV Trivia mobile app.   Where can I get the mobile app?   The free Tap TV Trivia app can be downloaded on iTunes for iPhone or the Google Play store for Android devices. It does not cost anything to play for patrons